Scott Ashby grew up on a farm in Quincy, Washington and has always valued his familial relationships.  Growing up, he enjoyed spending time with his family, growing his relationships and loved competition. He found an outlet for that in sports.  For everyone who knows him, he loves to win—and hates to lose!  As he grew older, his competitive nature extended to school and then his career.

After graduating from Central Washington University and then Cornell Law School, He was recruited by big law firms to work for big businesses.  For 17 years he worked in a firm with more than 1,500 attorneys in offices around the world.  He was a high-stakes litigator, and he sued big businesses on behalf of other big businesses so that shareholders could have more profit.  He was exceptional at it.  But he felt more and more dissatisfied because he wasn’t really helping people.  Because of that, he left a comfortable position at the very large firm and eventually opened his own firm so that he could help people.

Family has always been important to him, so he focused on helping families.  He has been married for almost 36 years and has six children and twelve grandchildren.  When he opened his own firm, he started helping people who were going through the toughest times in their lives—divorce and child custody battles–and he developed an approach that was different than most attorneys.  In his firm he dedicated himself to look to his clients’ future, not just their past.

The skills he developed as a high-stakes business litigator he adapted to his family law strategies.  With his forward-looking approach, divorce, separation or child custody proceedings can be the beginning of a brighter, more fulfilling future.  Instead of taking a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to your family law matter like most attorneys, Ashby Law carefully considers your situation, provides options, and works with you to plan and execute a strategy to help you on your way to a better and brighter future.

Even though your family will change, Ashby Law can help conduct your divorce or custody dispute so that your family can continue, so that your child can comfortably invite both of you to his/her wedding, and so that you can be a part of your grandchildren’s lives.  By taking a healthy approach, you can continue to be a good example to your children.

Every case is different, but to Ashby Law, it is also personal.  Ashby Law can help plan and conduct your case so that your future will be better, brighter, and complete.


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